Work in Progress: Rooting Figs From Cuttings

Week 3


One method of making more plants from one plant is propagation through cuttings. In the right conditions, a former branch will grow roots and be promoted to a stand alone plant. The genetically modified basil I acquired from the university is exceptional at propagating itself from cuttings; every time I clear cut the basil crop to the “ground” one of the fallen branches will sprout roots and start to take over the entire aquaponics grow bed.

According to legend, figs are supposed to be one of the easiest plants to root from cuttings.

I clipped these sticks off of a fig tree outside of a restaurant about three weeks ago. I just cut some sticks about the thickness of my pinky and stuck them in my aquaponics system. The aquaponics system is on a timer and fills and drains every 15 minutes.

Some people have recommended rooting hormone but other blogs I’ve read made it look so easy, I decided to see if they would magically become fig trees by themselves.

I’ll post an update in three more weeks.


About Special Projects Division:
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